Ayelet (yelliandewan) wrote in spoilerfree_deg,

Entertainment Weekly: 50 Best TV Shows on DVD

"Degrassi: The Next Generation
The Ultimated Boxed Set
Miriam McDonald, Amanda Stepto
Unrated, 7 hrs., 30 mins., 2001-02

Catch up on this gem of a Canadian teen drama (currently in season 4 on digital cable/satellite net The N). The premiere brought back grads of '80s cult hit Degrassi High for their 10 year reunion-including Spike, now a single mom to Emma, tge daughtershe'd had as a 14-year-old on the original show and the center of the next-generation cast. Through 15 episodes, we got drawn into the problems of Emma and her classmates' seventh- and eighth-grade lives: first periods, first dates, student-council turf wars, and unrequited crushes. And when Emma discovered her boyfriend's dark past, hyperactive Spinner lent basketball star Jimmy his Ritalin, or goody-goody Ashley did Ecstasy to escape her straightlaced image, we caught glimpses of the shockingly complicated world Degrassi would become in seasons 2 and 3.
EXTRAS: The outtakes and audition tapes are fun, especially for obsessive fans, as is the karaoke video for the catchy theme song."
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