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spoilerfree_deg's Journal

Spoiler Free Degrassi
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This is community is for all the Degrassi fans who wish to stay, spoiler-free!

Just a couple of rules. Not many.

1-Of course, absolutely no spoilers. Not behind a cut, not screencaps, not anything. If you break this rule, you're immediatly banned from the community (note: something is considered a spoiler if it has not aired yet in the U.S. Once something has aired in the U.S., feel free to discuss it, before that, it's a spoiler)
2-Anything relatively big goes behind a cut.
3-PLEASE stay on topic. I mean, if you want to, you can talk about something else for a post or two, but if I see a pattern I will ban you.
4-I cannot stress this enough, big or small, NO SPOILERS!
5-About Accidents Will Happen-the infamous episode, I'm going to allow discusssion on this, since it probably won't air any time soon, and most everybody has seen it. Unless of course the majority disagrees (you can e-mail the moderator at yelliandewan@gmail.com), then I will change this rule.

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