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When Spinner and Jay started talking about how Jimmy had set Rick up, making up all that crap, I wanted to jump into the tv screen and just smack Spinner around and make him shut up. HE. FRIKKEN. MADE. THIS. HAPPEN.

When you frikken push someone far enough, they'll crack. The paint and feathers did that. And Rick was already a little unbalanced. Then Paige talked to him, had some heart (hooray Paige!) and he put the gun back. HE FRIKKEN PUT IT BACK. WHEN DID HE GO GET IT AGAIN? After Spinner made him believe Jimmy had betrayed him. MY GOD. HOW could Spinner lay the blame on his OWN BEST FRIEND?? What is WRONG with him?? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO SPINNER? He is so screwed up. First he's so horrible to Paige (I was so happy when she dumped him), then the paint and feathers thing, and then he makes Rick think that Jimmy, Spinner's OWN BEST FRIEND, set the whole thing up. I'm glad they showed him have some heart at the end, but really. I cannot stand Spinner.

On another part of the episode...when Rick approached Jimmy about all of it..."You stabbed me in the back"...I was almost hyperventilating.

And Jimmy's scream as he was shot.......mind-numbing. Chilling. I had goosebumps. I didn't even cry then...I was just in shock.

And when Toby just yelled "STOP!!!!" when Sean and Rick were wrestling for the gun...I was about to hyperventilate then. But it so freaked me out when Rick told Emma she was on his "list".

"I'm glad I found you, Emma. You made my list."

Theie reactions were so real. They honestly looked terrified. And Sean...he wasn't all gangsta, "I'm not scared of you!" and all that. He looked TERRIFIED. And he totally saved Emma's life. And the look on his face as the gun went off and shot Rick...so freaking horrible.

But do you want to know when I FIRST started crying? When Ms. Sauve called Hazel out of the classroom to tell her Jimmy had been shot, and she just kept saying, "No." over and over. I have never been a fan of Andrea Lewis's acting, but that was just...wow. I cried. I honestly did.

I know, I know, this talk is really long, but I want to get all my thoughts out...

And how Toby didn't know Rick had died...when the reported asked him about it, I don't remember exactly what she said, but she mentioned he had died, and he goes..."He died?" That was so sad. Toby was just saying over and over, "He WASN'T my friend." But the truth is, he WAS. And when he was crying at the end, on Emma's shoulder, that was the second time I cried. It was so touching. That song they played really got to me.

It's always so sad to me to see Spinner cry, though. It doesn't matter that I think he's an idiot now, it was so sad when he went to the hospital, and then just turned around and looked like he was about to cry...or maybe he WAS. And showing him laying in bed and throwing his drumstick against the wall, too...

I'm just gonna end by saying this episode most definitely lived up to the tagline "%100 intense" or whatever it is. ALL the actors did amazing jobs. When Jay (Mike Lobel) said, "Either outcome, I'd say he WAS your best friend", I wanted to kick the crap out of him. I mean I knew he was a horrible heartless person but that was such a horrible thing to say. My God.

Oh, I lied. One more thing. Coolest thing Mr. Simpson has ever done? It is, by far, when he jumps Mr. Raditch's case about Rick. And he was ONE HUNDRED PERCENT RIGHT. Go Archie! It's ya birthday!

Mr. Raditch-"I'm sorry. They want to know if you can get into Rick's e-mail to look for signs. Warning signs."
Mr. Simpson-"Of course, now the ground breaking 20/20 hindsight policy kicks into gear."
Mr. Raditch-"I have 700 students and a teaching staff that I'm responsible for every day. Don't get on my case because one kid overreacted to some spilled paint."
Mr. Simpson-"Yeah, one kid who you've personally spoken to twice in the last two days. But did you listen?"
Mr. Raditch-"Of course I did."
Mr. Simpson-"I bet you can't remember a word he said. This tragedy, Dan, it could have been prevented if you hadn't-"
Spike-"Archie! Can you two do this later?"

Stupid Spike, cutting Archie off. Let him finish! I'd like to see him smack Mr. Raditch around a little. ;)

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