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so what are all of your opinions of the break after back in black on the-n?

personally, i think it is just ridiculous. it's bad enough having to wait about every other week for an episode after the season was supposed to be started and over a month for islands in the stream, and now this? after back in black, chances are i am going to give up being one of the very few spoiler-free people and just start downloading like everyone else.

what about all of you?
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How long is the break?
not exactly sure.. a few months at least. i've heard rumors it won't come back until the summer like they did last year, but i'm not sure.
God, everyone should, like, go on strike from The-N and not watch it! I HATE those breaks. I think that when they do it, they'll probably lose a lot of viewers since most of them only watch Degrassi, and some RFR.
ugh i hate those breaks too! those are about the only two shows that actually pull in viewers considering who really wants to watch clueless and sabrina reruns? uh, not me. lol.
and what is completely stupid is that november is sweeps month, and the-n went on BREAK that month when islands in the stream and time stands still would have been on. they would have brought a ton of viewers.
o gosh i know! i totally agree with you! there are only so many sabrina episodes in the world, and only so much of my brain that can handle clueless. why dont they just SHOW the episodes! urg! i get so mad when this happens, and i complain to my friends that have never seen degrassi and they are just like "okay, calm down now."
haha seriously.. i always tell my friends when something big happens on degrassi! like after islands in the stream aired, i was complaining to two of my best friends who have never seen degrassi in their life about how sad it was that spinner and paige broke up lol.
Why do they do that? They know that mostly everyone knows what is going to happen! Why make us wait? And also, i hope if they do that, they don't start with a lame episode like they did this time.
Islands in the Stream was cute. But I hated how last year, they make us wait 6 months then show us This Charming Man. Not my favorite episode.
this charming man wasn't totally horrible, but definitely the least interesting of season three and not the best to begin after a six month break. but then again, holiday was a perfect last episode to a six month break, so eh, who knows? lol. islands in the stream was great, though.
Pretty ridiculous if you ask me. We'll have seen, like, 8 or 9 episodes. Since when can that be considered a "season"? Even my mom was ticked when she heard about it. I think I'll crack and start downloading.
seriously.. the-n has a totally warped opinion of seasons. ughh.
My mom said that your icon is like her favorite icon she's seen. (She even chose it over my OWN which I MADE, >:E at her, lol) but anyway...yeah. The icon's hilarious. I'm gonna have to check out some of nikkibob_icons's stuff I guess...=P
awww, that's so sweet! tell her i said thank you! lol.
actually, nikkibob_icons is my icons journal.. so yeah, definitely check it out! ;) lol. i have a ton of icons that i need to post, and i'll get around to doing that soon, including icons from time stands still and islands in the stream. but thanks! lol.
OMG I am such a ditz sometime. I didn't even noticed your username was nikkibob.

haha i would have done the same thing! i almost never notice stuff like that lol. and i'm a huge ditz too, so it's all gravy! lol.
*notice [...]

I swear I'm normally not this stupid. Just a little tired. =P
ARRRRGGGGHHHHH! that last episode was so sad!! In addition, i am really pissed that they are doing the next one as a "season finale". which means they probably aren't showing the next episode until the summer. I am most definitely going to download them. Maybe even before next week, so i can be up to date.
i read somewhere that they will be playing the episodes from after back in black to secret in febuary, and the rest during the summmer. and that's lovely that they are extending the season and all of that jazz, but hey, what can i say -- i'm impatient now! lol.

i wish i had known about their breaks at the beginning of the season and i would have started downloading then. now that i've waited, i'm going to have to figure out some kind of weird schedule for watching them and everything. grrrr to the-n.
I know it is so dumb! I want my Degrassi! Nah. But whatever. We'll just have to be patient. But the thing is, everyone thinks that Back In Black was the end of one whole season. It isn't!

Oh well!